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TV Fanatic: Tyler Hoechlin Comic-Con Q&A


What does the “S” in Derek’s middle name mean?

Ian: “Sexy.”

Tyler: “Sassy. Sassy’s good.”

Ian: “I didn’t say sassy, I said sexxxxy.” 

(Tyler further explained at WolfsBane that he still hasn’t had time to really think about what Derek’s middle name is, but his personal belief is that it would be his father’s name.)

'Why are you smiling?'
'You're gonna be good at this.'


I loved you!


Here’s a summary for Tyler’s first solo Panel at #Wolfsbane2


Photo credit: @MarionMeinhardt

-> Tyler said he ate way too much pie during the shooting of “Road to Perdition” - so much in fact that he does not remember much of it.

-> Tyler can tell us why Derek’s eyes are yellow now, but…

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#TylerHoechlin #AlphaCon

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#PaulWesley #AlphaCon